Ninja Lender is a B2B platform for credit institutions to reduce the wastage of rejected loan applications. There are three problems that we are trying to solve.   


There are 87% of loan applications are unfinanced and thus go to waste

The world is changing too fast but “core banking systems often date back to the 70s” as Gabrielle Inzirillo mentioned at Plug and Play. A credit scoring system in each bank is different. Some credit institutions are ready to take more risks and offer loans, not for “ideal” borrowers. While other banks are stricter and accept only “right” customers who fit all criteria for 100%. The system is not perfected for both credit institutions and borrowers. The former are trying to automate the credit scoring system and make it as efficient as possible. Nonetheless, most borrowers do not know the system works and give up after the first trial. Ninja Lender identified that there is a €9.5 trillion volume of rejected loan requests in the EU that with our help can get a positive decision.

High customer acquisition costs without any alternatives

According to The Economic Times, the budget to attract new customers for lending companies has increased by 20-30% due to the high competition in social media channels. The credit industry does not imply customer loyalty borrowers that is why they need to “fight” for new hot leads by spending a lot of money on marketing in Google Ads and social media. In addition, due to high competition, some companies send bots to bust other credit institutions. Our platform provides credit institutions only with verified leads. We help them to decrease customer acquisition costs and spent less time on borrowers’ verification.

The customers churn due to refusal of loan requests

Over the past 10 years, customer expectations have changed and become more uniform. Bank clients’ are seeking greater responsiveness, personalization, and better user experience. According to Deloitte’s report, currently, there is a fundamental shift in consumer expectations in terms of flexibility and the level of friction. Nowadays most banks are not able to meet their clients’ expectations, especially in the credit industry. The 90% of banks do not tell rejected borrowers the reason for rejection and do not provide any alternative solution. Based on our research, rejected borrowers do not leave the bank because of loan refusal, but because of attitude and responsiveness. Bank clients are expecting a personalized approach and proof that banks care about their clients. Our solution is changing the way how banks reject and treat their rejected clients.