Give a new chance to your rejected clients

We help banks and credit institutions reduce the wastage of loan applications by matching rejected borrowers with other credit providers.
Loan for business
Loan for business
Car loan
Car loan
Consumer loan
Consumer loan
Payday loan
PayDay loan
loan for education
Loan for education
loan requests are unfinanced
and go to waste
rejected borrowers do not try
to apply for a loan again
rejected loans still have a chance
to be issued

B2B platform to help banks and credit institutions reduce the wastage of loan applications

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Loan requests
Maria would like to get a loan for her education.
Acquisition costs
Acqusition costs
Acqusition costs
Sellers charts
Banks do not give loans to all clients’
accepted loans
We are matching rejected borrowers with other credit providers that lead to financial benefits for all parties
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happy client
Maria’s loan accepted
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Number of clients

Looking for new clients
  • Accelerate financial inclusion
    Provide an alternative offer for rejected borrowers if your risk model does not allow you to give them loans
  • Better customer experience
    Offer an opportunity instead of a negative decision as added value for your clients
  • Increase customer loyalty
    Ensure less negative experience with a personalized approach
  • Reduce acquisition costs
    By selling your rejected applications to other credit providers
  • Get new clients
    By buying rejected applications from other financial institutions and pay for verified leads that match all your parameters
  • Free of charge
    There is no hidden fees or payments for using our platform as we take brokerage from credit institutions
  • Secure
    We care about personal data protection, and data is used only for the matchmaking process to find another credit provider
  • Fast
    The opportunity to get an alternative credit offer in minutes after submitting an application
  • Time-saving
    No need to search for a loan again and constantly fill out new application forms
  • Transparent and reliable
    We cooperate only with trusted partners that care about their reputation
how we help

The scope of use

scope of use
scope of use
Market Types
  • Payday loans
  • Consumer loans
  • Auto loans
  • Mortgages
  • Loans for SMEs
  • + 20 more
scope of use
Market Segments
  • Lending
  • Leasing
  • Factoring
We care about security
Security and data protection is extremely important to us, we always keep your data safe and do not sell it to 3rd parties
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    Trusted credit institutions
    We cooperate only with trusted credit institutions which put the customer first
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    International standards
    We deploy international standards focused on information security ISO 27000
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    GDPR compliance
    We are committed to keep customers' data protected and safeguard their rights by GDPR compliance
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    Security training
    We provide security training for all staff and regularly check our system
Why us
Marek Gronowski
Scrum Master at BNP Paribas

“I really like the idea of Ninja Lender. The alternative offer shows me that a bank really cares about its clients and it would be surprisingly nice.”
Maria Najdienowa
Sworn translator
“I think that the idea of a 2nd chance for rejected clients will help banks to improve their customer service. They will show that they are trying to help and they really care about their clients.”
Tetiana Naumova
Legal stay consultant
“I like the idea, I would definitely want to hear what banks can offer after a loan rejection.
respondents would love to get an alternative
credit offer after a negative decision
What’s the process
  • Meeting
  • Integration
  • Free trial
  • Get benefits

We discuss your borrowers’ rejection process and what kind of problems do you face on a daily basis. How you reject your customers and what alternatives you provide to your rejected borrowers.

Demo of the Ninja lender platform. We introduce you to our system and discuss how we can help to solve your existing problems.


Sign an NDA to protect your confidential information and give access to Ninja Lender’s demo environment. You will be able to test the platform, check features, and give us your feedback.

Our IT professional will work together with your team to understand the business flow and write the integration scripts with your data sources. We will test the modules/components when integrated to verify that the system works as expected.

Free trial

After integration, you will have full access to our platform and its features. You will be able to sell or buy rejected loan applications without our commission to understand how it fits your business model.

Get benefits

Start using Ninja Lender to help your rejected borrowers with securing their needs and increase your business efficiency
– get verified leads
– reduce acquisition costs
– increase customer loyalty

  • Support of any loan type
    Our platform is created to support a variety of loan types, including personal and SME loans
  • Get extra from cooperation
    You will know if your rejected client got a loan from another credit provider
  • Automation via API
    Fast-to-integrate and easy-to-use technology for exchanging any data between our systems
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