Vision and mission
We are changing the way people and companies get loans
Our mission is to increase financial inclusion for rejected borrowers by connecting them with other credit providers
How we got here
What happens to loans that got rejected?
The existing model of the lending business is inefficient. There are more than a billion rejected loans per year globally, and all of them go to waste. Credit institutions are more focused on people with a high credit score than those in need – and that is wrong! This got us thinking, and soon the problem was turned into a creative business solution called Ninja Lender.
We can solve the gap in the financial industry!
We provide people and companies with new funding opportunities. But also help financial institutions reduce the wastage of loan applications. Our B2B platform matches data we received from a bank or lending company to other credit providers that can offer a loan. It has no extra costs for borrowers and it’s absolutely win-win situation for everyone.
Our story
The future is now
  • Started cooperation with a bank in Poland
  • Received a follow-up investment of €100K from FRC
  • We are a team of 7 from Ukraine, Poland, and Croatia
New growth
  • Raised €100K in the funding round by FRC
  • Extended our team in Poland
  • Established partnerships with lending companies on the Polish market
More wins
  • Adapted our platform for the Polish market
  • Signed 5 NDAs with credit institutions in Poland
  • Won the Fintech category at Wolves Summit in Warsaw
Our first milestones
  • Received our first investment from SWG
  • Listed among the best Fintech startups in Europe
  • Got selected for the Poland Prize program powered by Huge Thing in Warsaw
  • A new member joined our team
Birth of a Ninja
A team of 5 guys experienced in Fintech solutions and launching new products decided to solve one of the largest inefficiency gaps in the financial world together.
We created a prototype based on interviews with credit institutions in Ukraine. And then got selected for the Fintech acceleration program organized by Startup Wise Guys and Swedbank in Riga.
Upcoming goals
Launch Ninja Lender for the Polish market
Onboard 15 credit institutions in Poland
Expand market coverage by adding loans for SMEs and mortgages
Reach €50K MRR
The values we share
We work with transparency
And are open in everything we do
We focus on customers
And make money by bringing real value
We strive for excellence
And keep high standards in how we work
We believe in synergy
And work through cooperation, not competition
We respect each other
And treat our customers as we would like to be treated
We follow ethical principles
And grow our business in a way that makes us proud
Interested in joining us?
Our team
Yaroslav Dubov
CEO & Founder
Valerii Yurikov
CTO & Founder
Mariusz Hildebrand
Business Executive
Ivana Ljubić
Head of Marketing
Tomasz Waźbiński
Data Protection Officer
Mariia Yershova
Project Manager
Volodymyr Novosolov
DevOps Engineer
Rejected loans can be saved!
Loan rejection is a highly unpleasant experience for many borrowers. Ninja Lender introduces a solution that allows rejected applications to be redirected to well-matched loan providers and thus gives some customers a chance to get financed.
Because of this mistake, banks can lose hundreds of thousands of customers a year
Loans. Hated topic. Endless forms, lengthy processes, one more paper is always needed, and then waiting… As if the mere thought of taking a loan was not difficult enough, the bank seems to complicate the whole process even more.
Ninja Lender, a new way to borrow money effectively?
The interview with Mariusz Hildebrand, Business Executive and Jaroslav Dubov, CEO at Ninja Lender 
How does ninja lender help banks fight the financial exclusion of borrowers?
Surely you know the saying that everyone deserves to be given a second chance. A person who made an unintentional mistake, an athlete who “missed” a major event, an apprentice who did not prepare for a test, and a potential loan or borrower who was denied funding.
We started our activity by researching the opinions of people associated with the financial industry
How did the idea for Ninja Lender arise? An interview with the startup’s founder, Yaroslav Dubov.
The new life of rejected loan applications [Interview]
What is the scale of rejection of loan applications in Poland? How can you save even a part of rejected credits? How does Ninja Lender help with this? An interview with the Ninja Lender fintech management team.
How to get financial support for a company “in time” and “after” the COVID-19 pandemic?
The pandemic caused by the COVID-19 virus caused a crisis that, apart from a considerable storm and turmoil in the health service, also affected business and turned out to be a significant threat to a huge group of Polish enterprises.
How to increase the scoring and increase the chances of obtaining the necessary financing?
Low credit scoring and what’s next? Does it mean the end of dreams of obtaining the necessary financing? Or maybe there are ways that allow you to raise it, and thus – enjoy the desired loan?
Poland as a country without bureaucracy? Foreign startups about the Polish ecosystem
A fresh look at the conditions of running a company in Poland, which is different from the one that Polish entrepreneurs have been operating in Poland for years.
Ninja Lender is the new Fintech
The startup Ninja Lender introduces new rules of the game in the field of banking. We are actively developing to be able to offer Poles access to better financial services.
Ninja Lender Gives Rejected Loans a Second Life
Ninja Lender, a winner-startup at the 11th Wolves Summit 2020 in the FinTech category, is looking to help SMEs and startups to get back on track during the COVID-19 crisis.
The very 1st Rejected Loan Application Marketplace
DisruptionBanking interviewed Yaroslav Dubov, CEO of a FinTech startup looking to solve one of the largest inefficiency gaps in the financial world, that regularly frustrates both banks and borrowers.