Ninja Lender is raising a Seed round


We are happy to announce that we are raising a Seed round now. If you are interested in investing in Ninja Lender, please take a look at our updated investor pitch deck and one-pager.



Currently, we are looking for €450K which will give us 24 months of runway. It will help us to fuel our product development, boost sales, and further international expansion.

We are going to close our Seed round funding by the 31st of August. If you have questions, feel free to contact our CEO Yaroslav Dubov.

Since we joined the Poland Prize acceleration program in October 2019, we have done tremendous work with the Polish market. We have been negotiating with potential clients and developing product-market fit. As a result, we have signed several contracts, have already started integration with our first customers, and developed our growth strategy. We expect a positive dynamic in the next months due to demand-supply imbalances in the lending industry.

Also, we are very grateful to our mentor Krzysztof Pawlak from SpeedUp Venture Capital Group for his support and assistance in creating the pitch deck as well as to our tutor Piotr Serwin for his feedback.