We were honored to represent Poland at the conference on #OpenFinance organized by the European Digital Finance Association in the European Parliament.

Fintech companies, including Ninja Lender and Kontomatik from Poland, presented their ideas and described to policy stakeholders from the European Commission what regulatory obstacles are preventing them from developing, deploying, or scaling their businesses.

💡 Since 2016, the UK has regulated that major banks have to offer rejected SMEs to one of the designated online finance platforms that will seek to help with finding a suitable finance provider.

In Ninja Lender, we believe that with a similar legal framework, we could shift from #OpenBanking to #OpenFinance and go beyond PSD2 to increase financial inclusion for rejected borrowers.

Many thanks to Maria StaszkiewiczPawel Widawski, and Zuzanna Krauzowicz for brining us on board as a presenting company 🙌


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