Prices are rising, standards are changing, and banks seem to continue to use the same old algorithms to evaluate risk and approve (or not) loan applications.
➡️ What do you think the solution should be – platforms like Ninja Lender or optimization of the bank’s business strategy?
– The bank sent a letter that it will not pay me the second tranche of the loan, because I did not fit into the cost estimate and the construction of the house “lacks” works valued at PLN 60,000. It is a pity that no one takes into account the increase in the prices of building materials – says Mr. Paweł, who has been building a house near Wrocław for a year. There are more like him. Our interlocutors more and more often have to work on the construction site themselves or borrow money from their family. And who does not have such a possibility, stays with an unfinished house or has a bailiff on his head.

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