A new Fintech startup is coming today, and its name is Ninja Lender.

Let us tell you about the problem first.
We found out that 87% of all loan applications are rejected.
This means that you go to a bank 10 times and leave it 9 times with nothing.
This means that hundreds of millions of people are not getting a loan.
And some of them were rejected not because of the people, only because of algorithms.
That’s why 15% of rejected loan applications are given out to borrowers by other financial institutions later on.
But, unfortunately, all sides have already spent their time and money.

So what about Ninja Lender?
This will be an online marketplace for banks and lending companies to buy or sell rejected loan applications.
Our platform can increase the efficiency of the credit market and help both lenders and borrowers to find each other.

The diagram below shows how our solution will work.

Working scheme


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