The year 2020 and the beginning of 2021 are dominated by a low-interest-rate environment for bank financing. At the same time, lending companies are facing the consequences of regulation that limits non-interest costs for loans. Both banks and lenders, adapting to the new situation, have introduced changes to the risk policies, which had a strong impact on the lending industry in Poland.

The acceptance rate for new applications in banks and most lending companies is now 20%. Only a few lending companies that control most of the market can afford a higher acceptance level – up to 50%. This is often a stressful situation for borrowers who did not receive funding. And the institution, which is not able to finance, may support them in obtaining financing with a new solution that is introduced on the market.

This solution is a nationwide system that takes rejected applications, verifies borrowers, and matching them with other financial institutions to get funded. Based on the consent of the client and with attention to his financial standing, this will help to increase the market-wide acceptance rate from 20% to up to 36% for new applications.